政府機関閉鎖(Government Shutdown)

Of all the geopolitical concerns out there, one of the few that doesn’t seem to vex traders and investors is the specter of a government shutdown.(中略)Neither side seems to be ramping up the rhetoric, White House budget director Mick Mulvaney said the administration wants to avoid it. But given a number of highly contentious issues – like the Trump administration’s border wall for just one example, a shutdown can’t be entirely ruled out.


■vex 「悩ませる」
■specter 「怖いもの」
■ramp up「強める」
 ramp up the rhetoric レトリックを強める = 大騒ぎする

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Kroger Co. is looking for a sales bump to show investors and analysts it can withstand Amazon.com Inc.’s rapid advance in the grocery business.

Shares in the nation’s largest supermarket by store count and sales have slid 35% this year, erasing more than $7 billion in value. Investors are watching whether Kroger and other grocers can hold on to customers after Amazon’s takeover of Whole Foods Market Inc. The company reports second-quarter results on Friday.

Deep-discounting European chains and online grocers are also threatening Kroger’s market share. Food retail stocks are down nearly 20% this year, according to FactSet.

Kroger has been confronting the multitude of headwinds by slashing prices on staples, adding online ordering options and meal kits in some stores, and investing in technology to better market to consumers. It is slowing store growth, offering voluntary buyouts and ramping up other cost-cutting efforts to do so.






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Why Amazon Isn’t Ready for Prime Time in China?

In launching its Prime membership program in China last fall, Amazon.com Inc. was betting that the lure of hard-to-find Western goods and free international deliveries would be enough to get traction in the world’s largest e-commerce market.
●get traction「弾みがつく」

That hasn’t happened, according to retail analysts, underscoring the difficulties faced by U.S. technology companies as they try to compete in a country with high hurdles for outsiders and increasingly sophisticated competitors.

Companies including Facebook Inc. and Alphabet Inc.’s Google have struggled with stringent government controls and censorship, while Apple Inc. has seen its iPhone market share decline as Chinese smartphone makers offer less-expensive, high-performing smartphones.
●stringent「厳しい 」



  フェイスブック やアルファベット傘下のグーグルは中国政府の厳しい規制や検閲制度に苦しんでいる。また、中国のスマートフォンメーカーが低価格の高性能スマホを販売していることで、アップルの「iPhone(アイフォーン)」はシェアが低下している。
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