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C / O: Certificate of Origin

In principle, in order to receive preferential tariffs, "C / O: Certificate of Origin" issued in the exporting country is required.

Generally, the "Certificate of Origin" is sent from the exporter together with the shipping document by e-mail etc. However, it often arrives later than the shipping document.
(Normally, "Certificate of origin" needs to be applied to the Chamber of Commerce after B / L is issued.)

Also, in order to receive the preferential tariff, "original certificate of origin" is required to submit the original.

There are places where the contents of "Certificate of Origin" must be consistent with the content of B / L or invoice, and if there is a mistake, the preference tariff is not applicable.

For that reason, importers should send a scan of "Certificate of Origin" by e-mail before asking them to send the original, and check with the contents of the contents beforehand, etc., we will look at the customs clearance smoothly.
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